How a Single Mom of Three on Welfare went to Financial Independence, earning more than her ex-husband in a Matter of 3 Months

How a Single Mom of Three on Welfare went to Financial Independence, earning more than her ex-husband in a Matter of 3 Months.

And how you can easily copy what she did!

Hi, my name is Gerald. Head of Customer Success Journeys here at Grow Marketing.
I want to share the story of Christina, one of our successful clients, with you.
Christina is a single mom of 3 who dramatically changed her life and financial situation after her husband left her just weeks after their last child was born.

I will let Christina tell her own story, so you´ve got it first hand. 

"Hi, I´m Christina, single mom of 3 toddlers. My husband left me just a few weeks after the last one was born. 
He told me he had another woman and dropped me like a sack of dirt.

There I was, 3 kids to take care of, no job, living on welfare. 

I felt helpless, hopeless and didn´t know what to do next. Friends were so kind to bring me food and asked me to look after their kids during the day. That gave my some financial relief but not enough to live a decent life.

One day I was searching for work from home jobs and found something interesting about online teaching. Before I became a mom I worked as a yoga teacher. I thought if I can be an online yoga teacher I could work my way back to a normal life. There was just one problem, I needed only 297 Euro, which I didn´t have,  so I could start my online teaching site and I wasn´t tech savvy. I wasn´t sure if I could do it but had to give it a try. Not for me but for my 3 kids.

Thankfully one of my friends offered to loan me the money.

I got a spark of hope again to be able to live a normal life.

You won´t believe what happened next.

Well let me tell you. First of all I got my online classroom. I was surprised to see how easy it was to add my lessons. No tech skills needed for this at all.

In just a few hours I had enough lessons to open my classroom for students.

The online training that was included with my purchase was very clear and I followed the steps to the letter.

Within a week I opened my yoga classroom and invited my friends to take a look at my lessons. First for free because I wanted to hear their feedback.

They loved my lessons and told me other people would love them too.

My next step was to get people to pay for my online classes. I asked my friends if they wanted to help me spread the word about my new yoga class. 
When I worked as a yoga teacher I used to charge my students 9 Euro per hour yoga class. My question was how much to charge for the online classes.
I decided on 19 Euro per month because I wouldn´t have to be present during the session. It also seemed a reasonable price.

What happened next was unbelievable!

Every day I checked to see if new students joined. The 1st day nothing, 2nd day nothing, 3rd day I got 2 students, on day 4 another 3 students and then on day 5 I woke up and checked.
I couldn´t believe what I saw. I even checked with the support desk and asked if this could be a system flaw.

On day 5 74 students signed up for my yoga lessons.

Boy, was I happy. In the first week I earned 1.501 Euro!

And I was just starting. Just 2 weeks ago I didn´t know what to do to get food on the table and now I earned 1.501 Euro.
Every week new members join my classes. All I do now is add more lessons to my classroom.
I opened my online yoga class about 4 months ago. Every day new students join. 3 months after opening my classroom I reached the magic number of 400 members. That´s 7.600 Euro per month!

I now even make more money than my ex-husband. And the number of students keeps on growing.

Can you imagine how happy I am?

If the growth continues like this, I predict to have between 1,500 to 2,000 students at the end of my 1st year and earn between €28.500 and €38.000 per month. I will have turned my previous yearly income to a monthly income!!!

Even though I had my doubts about myself and my technical skills I decided to give it a go. You don´t have to be the top expert in your market, you just need to decide to go for it."

Hi, it´s Gerald again, I hope you got some inspiration out of Christina´s story. I want you to become just as successful as Christina with your virtual classroom. And I´m here to help you.

Why is Christina´s story important for you?

Her story shows that you can become successful in a short time, you don´t need to be tech savvy to start your virtual classroom and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

You can get the same results as Christina if you simply copy what she has done.

If you are looking for stability in your income or want to add an extra stream of revenue to your business without working more hours

If you want to impact the lives of more people without working harder

Then this is for you!

Best of all you don´t need a lot of money to start.

And if a single mom of 3 without tech skills can do it, so can you.

Considering the value we bring to our clients, we could easily charge €997 per year. A small investment when you know you can earn this investment back in a matter of weeks. But we´re not charging you thousands of euros even though we could.

Reason we offer this for our low price of only €297 a year is because we want as many people as possible to be able to afford the system and change their life.

What do you get?

  • Quick Start Training "How to Start and Grow your Virtual Classroom", get your classroom ready in 2 weeks or less so you can start earning
  • Your own Virtual Classroom, Easy 4 Step Setup System. 1. Add your payment provider, 2. Add your content, 3. Invite students, 4. Earn money
  • Unlimited membership levels, free or paid access, multiple levels with their own pricing, payment frequency (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc)
  • Unlimited members, whether you´ve got 10 members or 10000 members you´ll never pay more
  • All membership fees are 100% yours to keep, no commissions ever
  • Unlimited content, public pages, restricted pages, written, audio, video, downloads it´s up to you in which form you publish
  • Scheduled content, protect your content and your students from overwhelm with scheduled content up to 5 years ahead!
  • Integrated forum, let your students interact with eachother in the integrated forum and keep them engaged
  • You decide the price for your content, no unexpected discounted prices for your materials
  • Your membership site is fully hosted, no need to adjust your website and risk poor response time
  • Payment Provider Integration, saves you lots of time collecting membership fees 
  • Email Support, send us your question anytime
  • 180 day money back guarantee* If you follow the steps and don´t have any members after 180 days you´ll get your money back.

Here´s what to do next:

In 2 weeks time from today you could be welcoming your first paying students but only if you take action today.

  • Take out your credit card
  • Click on the button "Add to Cart" below, you will be redirected to a secure checkout page. Choose your preferred payment method, Credit Card or PayPal.
  • Enter your best email address, name and business address
  • Enter your credit card number, expiration date and CVV Code
  • Click the button “Checkout” at the bottom
The email address you enter is used to register your own Virtual Classroom.
Your business address is needed for the invoice. You might be able to deduct your investment for tax benefits.

Again, you are completely covered by our 180 day 100% money back guarantee, so you don´t risk anything. Other than earning a lot of money every month. Just order right now, while you´re thinking about it.

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